Private Guiding 

Rock Climbing + Scrambling:

1:1 - £180/day

1:2 - £90/day

Hill Walking:

1:1 - £180/day

1:2 - £90/day

1:3 - £60/day

1:4 - £45/day

(Prices per person)

As a result of the updated guidance from the Government, BMC and Sport England, I'm extremely happy to announce that we are now able to start taking bookings for 1 to 1 guiding in England.

Everyone in the climbing and walking community has been eagerly awaiting an update to the guidance. It's been confirmed this afternoon that climbing and hill walking are permitted under the new rules, with a strong emphasis on us taking full personal responsibility for social distancing and risk management. As part of this, Sport England have also confirmed that instructors and coaches can begin to work on a 1 to 1 basis.

Of course, we will need to adapt and cannot simply return to 'normal'. It's important that we respect the impact that we have on rural communities more than ever, and ensure we help maintain and build those good relationships for the future, whilst demonstrating a sensible and cautious return to outdoor activities. We're also very aware of how important it is to reduce the impact on certain honeypot areas, where communities have already expressed concern around increased numbers of visitors, and the importance of keeping travel to a minimum. With this in mind, any courses and venues will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis before a booking can be made.


As a way of respecting those communities, I believe it's vitally important to make good choices about venue selection as well as safe decisions at the crag and 1:1 guiding with somebody with extensive local knowledge is one of the ways you could ensure this.

A privately guided day can cover anything, from movement and technique coaching, to self rescue skills. Maybe you wan't somebody to take you wild camping, or maybe you'd really like to complete a specific linkup of rock climbs or some navigation coaching?


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