Sea Cliff Climbing

2 Day - £250 per person
5 Day - £600 per person


Sea cliffs are one of the most unique and exciting places to climb in the UK. They're generally sunny, and you can always justify an ice cream at the end of the day! Despite their terrifying appearence, they offer some of the best climbing experiences you will ever have, but require some extra skills which we will cover through this course.

Prior Experience

Aimed at those with some prior outdoor lead climbing experience. Ideally suited to those capable of leading VS 4c and above. 



2 participants required, please get in touch for individual booking. 


Course Detail

Initially, climbing on sea cliffs may seem very daunting. They generally require some extra skills which you may not already be familiar with, but the terrain and climbing is incredible and unlike anything else. 

My 2 day course introduces you to climbing above the sea, and will prepare you for future exploits. We will look at tides, abseil approaches and gear selection. 

The 5 day course builds on the skills learnt on the 2 day course, as well as looking at what to do if it all goes pear shaped with some self rescue skills. We also have an opportunity to visit a greater variety of crags, with some time also reserved for looking at the skills required to access sea stacks. 

Given the specific nature of this course, it is important for us to discuss your requirements before booking, so please contact me to book. 


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